Monday, January 30, 2012

Well its almost February and my teams in the super bowl once again.This time its the rematch of the century as the last time the New England Patriots played the New York Giants  the result was not the best for fans of the Pats.After a perfect regular season the prospects for a Super Bowl win was good only to be upset by an under dog that with a magor leauge QB won a thriller of a game.Why do I talk about this on a tail gating blog?Well the answer is easy.I am a fan.I am not a band wagon jumper.I have sufferd through seasons so poor we that we couldnt even get the number one draft pick.30 some odd years of cheering,geering and tailgating.

With less than a week till this years Super Bowl it is time to begin the tail gating plans.With beer in hand I now sit down and try to figuer out wich recipies to use.As a profensional cook I love to make food .The problem there is so many recipies that one cant make them all for one event.

Narrowing down any search is difficult,but when it come to pleasing a crowd that all have there favorites it become difficult to add a freshness to the mix.
So what to do what to do.Well first is to narrow down the favorites to a manageable levels.then pick one or two new comers to add to the party.That ensures that every one will be satisfied and you may develop some new favorites.
This the plan.
More to come.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tis The season ?

The hockey season is in full swing and football is starting to wind down.The Nascar races will gear up in February and baseball isn't too far away.A white blanket of snow is laying across the New Brunswick north country.So is this the time to pack away the tailgating equipment?Heck no.
Indoor tailgating can be as much fun as being at the game.

In this blog we will look at recipes and equipment for a great tailgate party weather it is inside or out.